Harbers Forever Young Coach NASM and AFAA Certified


Clancie Harbers is NASM and AFAA certified so that she can train groups and individuals. She has taught yoga, strength-training, step aerobics and cycling classes. Clancie coaches because she loves to encourage people to be their best and celebrate with them when they reach new heights. Her goal is to motivate people to retrain their brains… that is, to do more than they think they can… to teach them to breathe, and move, and use their bodies to grow in strength daily as God intended.

Clancie played tennis on her high school and college teams. Today, she is married to her husband, David. They have been married over twenty years, are business owners, live on a farm in the country, active in their church, plus they have two teenage boys who compete in horseback and baseball. Clancie’s advice for you is to not waste the time you have been given… Life is short and God has abundant life out there for you. (John 10:10) Go grab it!


  • AFAA Certified
  • NASM Certified

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